Affiliated with most the industries distributors.  I don't do much retail because of TN's sales tax it's currently impossible to compete with the internet.  I want you guys to get the best price you can but I do have those customers who want to buy from me and I don't mind helping search something down and getting it.

I am a East TN SilencerCo SPEQ dealer.  They offer great prices to LE, Military, First Responders (EMS, etc.).  Call for special pricing.  They offer a couple times per year this discount to Veterans too.


Title 1 transfers - $20 INCLUDEDs TBI background. I WILL accept transfer in from private parties and it doesn't matter if I can get the item or even have the item in stock - no games!
Title 2/NFA transfers - $35 - I'll happily help/review your paperwork.  Been in NFA for 30 years.

Barrel Work 

Threading - most done on CNC Lathe
Pinning (compensators) - installing and removing
Head spacing
Install AR Extensions / replace broken alignment pins, etc.
I do some chambering.. full barrel blanks (7.62/308/9mm/7.62x39,22, etc.) .. and existing re-chambering ...40 to 10mm, etc - will be offering additional calibers as they come.

Receiver/Bolt Work

Engraving - NFA, Images, etc.
Extractor installs / Sako M16 extractors, etc.
Bolt knob threading/installs - Badger, etc.
Changing bolt face calibers (where feasible)
Receiver / Bolt face truing
Various repairs

Parts Kit Builds/Repair

HK Style - Can roll/weld flats, demil parts kits, build 922 compliant semi autos.
AK Style - Can roll flats, weld rails, Rivet trunnions, trigger guards, stock trunnions, etc. (NoDak is so cheap it's probably moot now but can do it either way)
PKMs - Designed a new semi trigger pack that utilizes 99% AR internals.  Custom machine a new hammer and recoil assembly.  My conversions do not use that ugly recoil rod that most do that has to protrude through the middle of the rear stock.  Everything is internal.
List could go on and on ....

ALL of the above can also be machined to post sample select fire status for LE agencies



At the moment I do not do cammo patterns.  Sorry I have a couple of master refinishers I can refer you to for those services.


RMR/Reddot milling -not just flat, proper radiused front WITH all 4 indexing posts (RMR)
Slide serrations, windows, etc.
Sight removal/install
Dovetail milling
Recoil/Hammer Stud replacement (revolvers)
Cylinder Reaming/Honing
Picatinny/Weaver rail drill/tapping, etc.


General repair / parts replacement

If I can't find a replacement part I can often machine something.
I do a lot of fixing stuff.. machine guns, rifles, heir looms, etc...


Custom Machining

Above is just a sample of services I can do.  I have 2 production class HAAS CNC machines, both a Lathe and a 4th Axis VMC.  I also have a 54" Monarch lathe that I haven't ran out of room with and an old Bridgeport milling machine.  Old 1940s vintage good stuff!  I do odd work on non guns stuff too - Motorcycle parts, RV car parts, you name it.


I co host a 3-4 machinegun shoots across the states and neighboring areas per year.  If you'll follow my facebook page or our hosting page brothers we'll post our event information.  It's a nice opportunity to get some real seat time behind a lot of the equipment we don't normally get to shoot.  We have a M134 Minigun (4K rd/min), Several M60s, M240, couple of M249s, M16s, Mp5s, slew of other fun stuff.  Don't be Knob Creek and watch come shoot for yourself!!

I also post smithing jobs I'm working on as time permits.


Feel free to IM or email me for any service questions. 


Thank you ALL for your continued support!  Stay Safe!



​(865) 272-3779