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Thank you for visiting our site. I would like to take a moment to introduce myself and my company to you.

Law Enforcement Sales is a type 07 FFL manufacturer and a Class 2 SOT holder.  

While initially created to help support the law enforcement community, nothing in our business charter prevents us from dealing directly with the general public.  While there will be certain weaponry and services displayed that are restricted for law enforcement use only, most of or services and products are indeed available to anyone where legally permitted. 

Why we're a 07 type FFL you ask?  The ATF considers even the assembly of a weapon using purchased parts as a manufacturing process.  A normal type 01 FFL licensee is supposed to only deal in firearms and is not permitted to assemble or make any weapon that was not received that way originally.  By having a type 07 manufacturing FFL, it affords us the flexibility of assembling from parts as well as making from scratch any weapon. With the addition of our class 2 SOT status, we can also make any NFA weapons.

Career wise, I am a Vice President and the Senior Fraud Prevention Technical Advisor to one of the nation's largest financial institutions.  This helps subsidize the gun shop and has made all of this possible financially.  I have also had and still have the most rewarding pleasure of serving my community as fully commissioned law enforcement officer since 2001. 

As you browse this site, please note that I continually welcome (constructive) criticism and any comments on how this site or my business could become more prolific to your needs.

I look forward to meeting you and hope you remain safe in your endeavors.


Reserve Deputy Michael Dresner
Law Enforcement Sales